Cybersecurity Track

Keep digital assets safe

Secure data and systems. Protect hardware and software from threats.

Build your knowledge in all aspects of cybersecurity. Explore the technical, legal, human and business sides.

You can complete this track 100% online, on campus or a hybrid of both.

Student in computer lab
Careers and outcomes

Explore your potential career paths

Overcome risks and solve threats in the digital world.

Why pursue the cybersecurity track?

  1. Earn your degree in a face-to-face environment, or take hybrid (seated and online) classes.
  2. On campus, you can take courses in our IT infrastructure and cybersecurity lab.
  3. From compliance to testing or forensics, you're prepared to work in a wide range of cybersecurity jobs.
  4. Learn theory and best practice in IT from full-time faculty and industry pros.