Student Opportunities and Services

Grow your personal network

Make connections away from class.

Join a club or student group. Attend events. Find an internship.

They’re a great way to enhance your Missouri State experience.

Student members of Association of Information Technology Professionals
Student group
Join the student chapter of A-BITS and meet industry pros.
Student talking with employers
Find an internship or land your next job at this annual event.
Members of Bears Business Community
Student experience
Live, study and hang out with other Bears who share your passion for technology and business.
Person standing on beach
Student experience
Live and study in a different country while earning credit toward your degree.
Student and corporate mentor
Explore your career field and build your work skills with help from a local mentor.
Students talking with industry professionals
Learn by doing. Take part in consulting projects and discover the real-world challenges of business.

Executive in residence

Graduate students: You can learn from and interact with proven leaders via our Executive-in-Residence series.

We invite IT executives from diverse industries to share their thoughts on the best practices for IT managers.

Past speakers have come from Fortune 500 companies and high-tech startups.

These sessions allow you to:

  • Analyze problems
  • Make recommendations
  • Discuss your viability with experienced IT leaders

Informal Q-and-A sessions also provide you a way to discuss career development issues.

Access the tools for success

Use resources around campus to aid your academic journey.

Find more help through our Guide to Services.