Student Opportunities and Services

Learn outside the classroom. Work alongside the pros. Get involved and make connections.

Association of Information Technology Professionals

The Association of Information Technology Professionals, also known as AITP, is dedicated to providing industry leadership and professional development to members of our profession.

AITP's purpose

  • Enable members to more effectively perform their duties and enhance their decision-making in government, education and private enterprise.
  • To foster, promote and develop education and scientific inquiry in the field of information technology and managerial/administrative skills.
  • To supply our members with the information they need to stay on top of the most recent developments, research and advances in the industry.
  • To assist our members’ growth as individuals, managers and professionals.

What does AITP do?

  • Hold regular chapter meetings with guest speakers who provide current knowledge and internship opportunities to students.
  • Encourage members to participate in the annual National Collegiate Conference to showcase and sharpen their skills.

For more information about AITP, please contact Dr. Xiang Guo or Dr. Zhiguo Yang, the AITP faculty advisors.

Career Day

This is an annual event hosted by the College of Business, which brings in representatives from businesses and companies across the United States. Students are strongly encouraged to attend the event to meet business representatives, seek out internships and job opportunities and stay up-to-date with their prospective career field.

Business Advisement Center

We want to provide our students with all of the resources they will need to succeed in their studies. To meet this goal, we have a business advisement center. located in Glass Hall 106, specifically to aid students of the College of Business.

Corporate support

Our department is supported by IBM, which provides both methodologies and course materials. These course materials can take the form of class assignments, case studies and lab exercises. This means that the curriculum for our students directly prepares them for their future jobs in the fields of computer information systems and IT service management with the latest and best available tools in the field of information technology.

Executive in residence

Our graduate students have the opportunity to learn from and interact with proven leaders via our Executive-in-Residence series. We invite IT executives from diverse industries to share their thoughts regarding the best practices for IT managers. Past speakers have come from Fortune 500 companies and high-tech startups. These sessions allow students to analyze problems, make recommendations and discuss their viability with experienced IT leaders while describing real-world scenarios. Informal Q/A sessions also provide students with an opportunity to discuss career development issues.