Faculty and Staff

Guidance, support and expertise.

Our faculty help you become a meaningful contributor in your career field.

Emeritus faculty

  • James T. Brown, EdD
  • Jerry M. Chin, DBA
  • William R. Cornette, PhD
  • Ronald S. Dattero, PhD
  • Kenneth D. Douglas, PhD
  • Irene A. Francka, EdS
  • Lois M. Garrett, MEd
  • Michael A. Hignite, PhD
  • Neva W. Johnson, MEd
  • Chung S. Kim, PhD
  • Duane R. Moses, PhD
  • Heide R. Perreault, EdD
  • John W. Satzinger, PhD
  • Jean C. Swanson, PhD
  • Glenna M. Vanderhoof, PhD
  • Ann L. Wilson, MBA